Studying abroad

Studying at a university abroad may seem like a dream come true, for some. You’ve chosen your perfect course at a great university and are excited to travel to a different country. Organising a move abroad can be quite stressful, but in the end studying abroad will definitely be an amazing adventure, worth all theContinue reading “Studying abroad”

The importance of communicating science

Communicating science is a really important part of being a researcher. Not only is it crucial for scientists to advise and support government policies and decisions, but also to highlight the relevance of given research to society. Science communication involves all sorts of ways of educating a variety of audiences, in order to bridge theContinue reading “The importance of communicating science”

Completing your PhD application

You’ve decided to continue your academic journey and picked what subject you want to pursue in graduate school. Amazing! Maybe you even have a dream university or PhD programme in mind. That’s great! However, there are some things you need to think of in advance. Prior to sending in your application, you will need toContinue reading “Completing your PhD application”