Studying abroad

Studying at a university abroad may seem like a dream come true, for some. You’ve chosen your perfect course at a great university and are excited to travel to a different country. Organising a move abroad can be quite stressful, but in the end studying abroad will definitely be an amazing adventure, worth all the planning! No wonder, more and more young adults decide to take up studies in a foreign country, away from their families and friends. If studying abroad seems like something you would like to give a go in the near future, here are some tips I can share with you!

1. Get familiar with the new city

Visiting the city in which your new university is situated beforehand, and getting familiar with its topography, public transport and key places is really helpful. This way you can explore some parts of it while you still don’t have any classes and assignments to worry about. Spending just one day wandering around could help you make the final decision whether you want to spend the next couple of years there or change your mind while it’s still not too late for it!

2. Find the right accommodation

Whether you’re planning to live in a student dorm or a shared flat, there are a couple of things that make your accommodation choice a good one. Check the public transport stops nearby or look for places within walking distance from your university buildings. Make sure that you have some personal space in your new place. It’s really important to have your own room, especially if you’re going to be sharing a bathroom and kitchen with a number of other people!

3. Pack the essentials

You will definitely not be able to take everything you own with you when you leave for university. Try making a list of absolute essentials including clothes, bedding, toiletries and so on. But don’t plan on taking too much because the whole process of moving will be extremely difficult with an overload of stuff. Plus, you can probably buy most of your stationery and textbooks when you’ve already moved in.

4. Join clubs and societies

Most universities offer a variety of clubs and societies to join, enabling students to branch out and follow their passions. It can be a really good way of meeting new people and making friends. Moreover, it would also let you explore and find what interests you the most outside of your studies. Don’t be afraid of searching- try out a number of different societies before you find the perfect match for you!

5. Look for a nearby gym

It’s really important not to ditch doing sports while at university. Not only will it help you stay in shape but is also a fun way of taking breaks from studying. Exercising for 30 to 60 minutes, at least 3 times a week is an amazing way to destress and maintain balance in your life. If you’re having a hard time finding motivation- ask a friend to workout with you!

6. Track your expenses

Whether you have a student loan, are receiving a scholarship or earning money working, it’s crucial to keep up with all of your incomes and expenses. If you find it hard to control the amount of money you spend just by checking your bank account, you can use a simple excel spreadsheet to track all of your monthly expenses. This way an empty bank account won’t surprise you!

7. Make new friends

You may not be in a comfortable enough position of starting university with a bunch of close high school friends. Not knowing anyone in a completely new city is not an easy addition to the tough beginnings of adult life. However, most universities organise all sorts of social events where you can meet new people and create a group of friends who are in the same boat as you are. Attending activities outside of your course together with a group of friends will also help you not get overwhelmed by the university workload.

8. Have fun!

A lot of people say that their university years were the best years of their lives. Sure, the beginning of adulthood may be quite challenging, but you can still have fun while you struggle! It’s your time to experiment and gain experience- try out as many new things as possible, invest in self growth and learn whatever you can. Your future self will be thankful for that!

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